Using RFID to provide a contactless process of transferring data, can be fraught with problems. Here at THIRD MILLENNIUM we can offer a high level of expertise in providing advice, and solutions, to best suit your requirements. We pride ourselves in giving that personal touch.
Our range of 125kHz readers are capable of supporting EM variants, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag ‘S’ and other widely used 125kHz technologies.
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Legic is one of the leading RFID technology providers in the World. With their licensed Master Token administration and 3DES, with 128 AES encryption, they offer one of the most secure RFID technologies on the market.
Third Millennium has been a licensed partner with Legic for more than 10 years, and our Legic Advant products support all Legic Advant ISO standards and Legic Prime. We also support reading of Legic Access, and Kaba Group Header. Optionally, all our Legic products can support the TM125 technologies allowing a seamless migration from older 125kHz technologies to a Legic based smart card technology.
Our genuine NXP based products support reading of Mifare DESFire and CLASSIC CSN or Sector data.
As with our Legic readers, all of our Mifare products can support the TM125 technology, once again offering a seamless migration from older 125kHz technologies to a Mifare based smart card system.
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